SMP 2020 COVID-19

Frequently asked questions


“Will the Provost’s Summer Mentorship Program be taking place this Summer?”

At this time YES, the Provost’s Summer Mentorship Program will be taking place as planned. As of now, the programming schedule for SMP 2020 is July 6, 2020 –  July 31, 2020, Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm (Attendance is Mandatory).

“I don’t have all the parts of the application; can I still apply?”

YES, as long as you completely fill out the application fields and UPLOAD your essay you will still be considered for admittance into the program.

Please be advised, there is absolutely no excuse for your essay to be missing from your submission! No Essay, No consideration given!

“I can’t get copies of my recommendation letters and/or copies of my transcript because my school is closed. What should I do?”

We understand that this is a huge problem for everyone. We will be offering leniency for the “recommendation letters in a signed envelop” requirement.

All supplemental application dcuments should be digitally uploaded when you complete the new DIGITAL APPLICATION.

If you cannot obtain your transcripts (or recommendation letters) at all, please UPLOAD all SUPPLEMENTAL DOCUMENTATION you do have. When you begin the DIGITAL APPLICATION you will be able to log in and return to your application portal and upload more documents even after you’ve submitted your application.

of the application that you’ve compiled thus far and submit the materials in order to be considered for SMP 2020. A due date for recommendation letters and transcripts will be announced later, via this website, once we have further information regarding when Philadelphia Schools will reopen.

“Is there an Extension for the original April 3, 2020 due date?”

YES we will accept DIGITAL APPLICATONS until Thursday, April 23, 2020.

“Is there a way to digitally submit my application materials?”

YES the Provost’s Summer Mentorship Application is NOW AVAILABLE! Please CLICK HERE to begin your application.


We will still be processing physical applications and considering them for admission if received before April 12, 2020.

The Provost’s Summer Mentorship Program began in 2006 as a summer college preparatory experience offered to Philadelphia 10th and 11th grade public and charter school students.

Admitted students were paired with one of our five affiliate

University of Pennsylvania Professional Schools:

Perelman School of Medicine


Engineering & Applied Sciences

Penn Law

Dental Medicine

Participants experience hands-on, experiential learning, through a creatively designed curricula developed to highlight and offer exploration into the various career choices featured by the Provost’s Summer Mentorship Program.

Each year 70-80 participants share in this experience. In addition to the curricula provided participants are also exposed to SAT test preparation, financial literacy, life skills and post-secondary educational access workshops, as well as other services provided to help them hone their skills and strengthen their self-confidence to foster the understanding that

College is an attainable goal, well within their grasps!!

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Gail A. Oberton tribute photo

SMP was developed to inspire and encourage its participants to seek enrollment in a four-year baccalaureate educational institution of their choosing.

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